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  • Weeknotes #14

    Looking back at the weeks since my last Weeknotes it is safe to say that at the least on this blog plenty of things have happened, even if that that might not be obvious on first sight. So, maybe I’ll start with the blog Blog While I have found again interest in building the blog […]

  • The Return of the Baritone

    I haven’t played the baritone sax for at the least 15 years and had some fun today working on it in preparation for an upcoming project. In fact I had so much fun, I could imagine spending more time with the instrument. Here are three choruses on a rather well-known standard.

  • An Astronaut

    The other day we went to see the Lumo Light Festival and watched this beautiful installation. It was a fun light show.

  • Don’t expect updates anytime soon

    well, at least on reading-updates or possibly on things I watched. Thing is that we got HBO-Max and I started to re-watch “The Big Bang Theory” which is again huge fun. While it was on TV I think I only got up to 7th season or so, so there is a lot to catch up […]

  • @Korundi Jazz Festival

    Tomorrow on the 6th of November 2021 the T:M:Q-Quintett feat. Nina Mya will perform on the Korundi Jazz Festival in Rovaniemi. If any of the above means anything to you, you know where to go to. See you there!


  • Signed up for Prime (again) to be able to watch “The Wheel of Time” and was happy to realize that also all seasons of Doctor Who are available. Been missing that.

  • The 1989 Batmobile… Let’s do this.

  • Showtime: minus 50 min.

  • Finished reading the audio-book of Clive Barker’s “Mister B Gone” during the night. Who thought the life-story of a demon could be both grizzly and fun. The book was read, performed in fact, by “Pinhead” actor Doug Bradlely (Hellraiser), who I was delighted to learn, also has a series of classic horror stories he’s performing. Great! 📚

    And no, I didn’t burn the book.