And I’m off…

February 26, 2009 ☼ ArticleUncategorized

As some of you might have noticed it my Twitter stream or here from the blog of course, is that I’m about to leave to the beautiful area of Cornwall to do some, hopefully nice, landscape photography.

The bags are packed, the batteries charged and the journey starts in about an hour and now there are about 27 hrs of traveling ahead of me. As with some of my previous shoots, I will try to do some sort of live covering from there if possible. It depends surely on the availability of free internet access of course. Since I’m not sure yet about this I can’t promise anything. I will at least try to cover as much as possible from there, that’s for sure.

The whole thing will go live as usual from my Twitter/Twitpic feed which you can see here on the blog or on Twitter of course. When I’m back, I will also post some sort of diary here on the blog, which will accompany the images that I hopefully take.

I think I have prepared as much as I could and so far the weather report so far looks… say interesting. I have checked three different reports and all said something different. Since there’s nothing I can do about that, I chose to believe in the better one and I’m looking forward to a week (well almost) of landscape photography.

In case we don’t hear from each other, see you next week.

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