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April 9, 2009 ☼ ArticleUncategorized


For a while now I have had the idea for a series with things that have some sort of inspiring value to me and maybe to others, but somehow I haven’t had the chance to kick it off. I have a few, severely unfinished posts in my drafts folder related to the topic of inspiration” and how I try to find exactly that, but … well..what can I say.. the posts are getting longer and longer, but I have not the feeling it gets any better. I will have to make my mind about those a little more.


But the reason I kick off this series is the re-discovery of a blog that I had been following a while ago, but somehow due to extensive feed reader changes (gReader, FeedDemon, gReader again, something else in the middle, gReader and now finally NetNewsWire) I think I lost some of my subscriptions and most likely this one.

Long story short, yesterday I ran into a Tweet by Scott Bourne mentioning an article from this blog and this morning I finally found the time to read a little. And then I read more and more. Somehow his articles hit a nerve.

It’s the blog Pixelated Image from photographer David duChemin. It has just that kind of content which is just very interesting in general and to me at the moment and I’m sure I will spend some more time tonight to reading on his blog. Not only is he fantastic photographer (be sure to have a look at his portfolio) he is also a very good writer. From what I have read it’s a mix of advice, ideas, some personal things. Just right.

So, I don’t want to waste your time with my humble writing attempts and if you have some time for some very good information go over and have a look at his blog.

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