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to myself! Yes, I’m not totally gone crazy now and start to talking to myself, but Oliver Shaef passed the torch to me via his blog www.fotolism.us. He passed a couple of series of questions (“5 Fragen an… originally) to me, and I gladly participate ;-)

Here are now the questions:

1.) With which camera would like to shoot until the end of days?

That’s a tricky one. At the moment I’m using the Canon 5D and I’m very happy with that one. On the other side cameras are getting better, and better all the time. In the end, the camera is just a tool though and to get the results I want to achieve, lenses seem to be more helpful. I could do the same images on a 20D or so, if I just would have that wideangle lens, which I love. So, the appropriate answer could be, anything that has a UWA stuck to it ;-) Sometimes I have the feeling though that wide is not wide enough. A panoramic camera maybe? I don’t know. Not so much related to the camera, would be, finding the time to actually go out shooting….But that’s a totally different question ;-)

2.) Show us your favorite images, and explain why do you like them.

This is definitely my all time favorite so far. First of all because it proofed that persistency paid off, and second of all because I had damn luck to find those conditions just on the last day I was there. I’m very happy how this turned out.

Usually I consider my latest pictures the best. Don’t know why. So it could be this one from my last trip to Norway. I have only nice memories from this, very spontaneous, trip. Two nights sleeping in the car, waiting hours for the right conditions and having no map, no GPS and basically no plan. Just about right for vacation.

3) What would you recommend to someone, who is just starting with photography?

Get to know your gear and experiment as much as possible and make as much mistakes as you want to. Mistakes are good and unless you are on a job to get it right, they don’t matter. No one ever has to see your screwed up images.

Look at photographs as much as possible. Analyze them, inhale them. Question yourself why do you like it, or why not, what kind of set-up might have been used, examine the exif if available, how about the composition, why does it, or does not work, did the photographer use filters, or did he merge exposures

Related to the previous one, try to find some sort of role-model. A photographer you really like and try to imitate his style. You will never get close to that anyway, but you will learn a lot through that

If possible, take a trip with the only purpose to take picture. Doesn’t have to be to a exotic place, a day is enough. But try to have a vision about what you want to achieve.

And most of all.. have fun. Life’s too short to be serious.

4) Choose kittens, babies, sunsets or flowers”

That’s an easy one. I like kittens, but not sure do I want to photograph them. Babies are great, but for me for of a private, family thing. Flowers are nice, but if they are not in a landscape they are of no interest for me. Don’t even have them in my apartment. They are dried out after a week. Can’t keep them alive ;-)

So the answer would be sunsets. As you can see on my blog, I shoot most of my images either at sunset or sunrise. It’s just a great time to be out somewhere in nature and trying to capture a nice image.

5) Who should answer the next questions?

I will pass the torch to Thomas Stark and looking forward to his answers.

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