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During the last summer I used the time to go out shooting as much as possible and did a few trips to Norway and a little around the county here. But with all the travels, I also wrote a couple of articles as a guest author for Martin’s blog in German language. One of those was an interview with web-friend and fellow Pixyblogger Andrew Thatch which I now present to you in it’s original English version:

Introduce yourself a little to my readers, where do you mainly work, how long are you now into photography?

Im a 45 year old English based photorapher. My images are taken all over the UK, i have no fixed area of Inspiration but im drawn to the long coastline of the UK. I have been taking photographs from about 17 years of age i studied photography at college in the mid 80s and worked for a time in a Commercial photographic studio. i had a 15 year break from all types of photography in the 90s untill i got a digital SLR a Nikon D70 in 2004. I now use a D700.

On your blog you feature your landscape photography. Is this your main focus,?

Yes its the area of photography i love the most. Its going out and being alone in the landscape i like the most.

Talking about being in the landscape… How do you prepare for shootings? Do you go location scouting, or do you visit locations that you are familiar with? Do you do longer travels?

One of the first things that happens is i see an image from another photographer of a spot ive not seen before. Could be on the internet or a book or magazine. I’ll hunt down the spot on Google Earth and plan from there. Google Earth has to be the biggest planning tool i have. I’ll look for hours along the coastline with it. I’ll try to plan for a day trip to get to the spot i like. Places like the Northumberland coast or the Lake District I’ll stop for the week.

Your work is a very interesting in terms of post processing. Where have you learned that, or where did you get the inspiration?

I learned all i know from books and the internet. I find the best way of learning is by just doing it yourself and making lots of mistakes and learning from them. The way i work is to make them as much like ive done them in the darkroom as i can. Inspiration comes from looking at great B&W photographers like Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Minor White. I love dark and moody B&W so i try to work towards that in my post processing.

Which tools do you use for that? I guess it’s Photoshop and another RAW processor?

I use three main programs. Lightroom, CS3 and Photomatix.

On one of your latest images you used an infra red filter. I myself am very interested in using filters. What other filters do you use?

Thats the one i use the most, i have some ND filters but thats it really.

Who is your favorite photographer?

It has to be Ansel Adams i just love the whole way he works, also like Walker Evans, Minor White, Edward Weston.

We basically have met” through Twitter and here on Pixyblog. What kind of role do social networks have for you as a photographer. I also noticed that you also launched blog on blogspot. How important is the blogging thing for you?

I think the Internet has been life changing not just for me but alot of other photographers. My photographs have been seen by far more people than would have happened 20 years ago. As for Blogging its an important tool in motivating me to go out and take images as i feel the need to post something at least once a week. Its also a great way to meet new photographers and share ideas.

What are your goals for the future?

To get my photographs seen by more people, the internet is great for that. And to get a project started im thinking about which is to take photos of the structures that are disappearing around the English coastline, like piers for instance.

Thanks a lot for taking your time for this interview.

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