Winter Project: Forest’s and Trees

December 17, 2009 ☼ ArticleUncategorized

Winter has now finally arrived around here and I hope it’s about to stay now. During the last week we had chilly minus 20 degrees celsius or more and the trees are covered with frost, turning the landscape into colours of pastel once the light is right.

As I have not so many chances for longer travels at the moment, I thought it’s about time to start a little project to work a little on some weaknesses that I have and which I easily can do more or less in the neighborhood”.

As I feel nowadays rather comfortable with bigger scenes, I tend to miss out on a lot on detail images, like for example forests and or trees. I would like to do a single tree shot of course, but around here trees come in groups of hundreds and rarely alone.

As there are so many forests around, I decided to do a little project focusing on trees and forest scenes, or as in this case, winter scenes in forests. I have a few shots already, some a little older ones and some recent ones and ideas for upcoming images.

I hope through this project, to develop my seeing and to develop skills to find clearness and order where it’s harder to find.

I think this is an interesting project which should keep me busy until I have the chance to do some wider landscapes again. So please stay tuned for updates on the blog, and I hope I get something postable” from this.

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