Gearing Up In Time

March 31, 2010 ☼ ArticleUncategorized

The days are finally getting longer rapidly and the day of our departure to Norway comes closer and closer. I have done some location scouting already, but I guess it’s going to be best to simply go there, drive around and see what catches my eyes. So far this has always worked out nicely.

It’s now more than half a year since the last time we have been visiting the landscapes of the area around the city Tromsö. It was the end of July to be precise. In summer the locations and sights were simply overwhelming. Images simply seemed to be everywhere. I haven’t been there ever in winter time though, but I doubt it’ll be different this time. Well, soon I’ll know more.

Last time there, I took a few panoramas there but I think I haven’t published too many of those yet. As I usually shoot panoramas in portrait mode it’s even with a correct set-up it’s not always guaranteed that the final image will come out nicely in Photoshop, due to the not aligned nodal point of the camera. It works often, but not always. I had some good luck with this image, which was very fortunate I think.

Just in time before the trip I now finally received a panoramic head, something that I was looking for a for a long time already. Using the head, will fix the issue of the non-aligned nodal point, and currently I’m trying to learn how to use it correctly. I always enjoy creating panoramas, as the result is always so breathtaking. I have done, and published a few of them already. All of them without the head, but at least leveling base was at hand.

Looking now forward to get some nice images in general, but hopefully also a few nice panoramas. But of course, it’s more important to enjoy the trip, and good images will be the reward for having been waiting for this occasion again for so long time now.

If you are interested in the progress of this shooting, I would like to invite you to have an eye on this blog or my Twitter feed, as I plan to do some more or less live-blogging from there. All depending of course on the availability of network.

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