Tuesday Link Special: All Things Photography

March 9, 2010 ☼ ArticleUncategorized

(Sven Seebeck)(Sven Seebeck)

Last week I posted a little link post with some nice reads that I ran into during the week. As the last few link post’s (well, I kind of just started this, so there’s not too many yet) all had a certain theme and today I will continue in this so short tradition of mine.

This week is all about my passion, all things photography. Not necessarily the latest news, but things I enjoyed during this last week. Hand picked if you will. Starting off with an amazing read, a story of an old box, family DVDs and a french photographer. I ran into the story via Give Me Something to Read and you can find theBox of Broken Dreams here. Long read, but it blew my mind last week. A friend send me this link with images from Jim Richardson on National Geographic. Just beautiful. And while where at great photographers…. One photographer who always inspires me, one of my favorites, David Noton has every month a nice article, Despatches, on his site. Alongside with his photography, his writings are pretty welcomed source of inspiration, especially in this time. He also writes a nice column over at ePhotozine, well worth the read. Photographer and blogger Michael Gordon has put together a nice list of photography podcasts on his blog, and it’s well worth to check them out. I enjoyed listening to podcasts a lot, but somehow I got a little frustrated as some of them had become more and more shallow or simply a promotional tool. Luckily neither of these is of the latter kind. When talking about photography, What the Duck shouldn’t be missing ;-) I especially liked this one: WTD 174. And last but not least a video that I have been watching a long time ago on Vimeo, Catching The Tide. And talking about photography and fishing ;-)

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