The Bag Is Packed…

April 1, 2010 ☼ ArticleUncategorized

The bags are packed, the batteries are charged and the CF-cards a formatted and waiting to be filled. It’s going to be a long ride through the night before we’ll arrive at the norwegian border.

My remote shutter release looks already kind of battered and just to make sure that it doesn’t die on me during the trip, I’ll pack my old one. It’s not as good and the plug fits only with some effort into the camera, but it’ll do just fine in case the other one gives up.

The weather forecast for the area is almost too good. I will try to do some more or less live blogging from there, at least before crossing the border I will try to post a little post. Should I find a free wifi, then I will try to post a few status updates from there.

Looking forward to the trip and I hope you’ll enjoy a few posts from my shoots there.

More to come…. hopefully..

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