Panning The Landscape

April 26, 2010 ☼ ArticleUncategorized

It finally got a lot warmer around and spring seems to be just around corner. I haven’t been able, or better inspired to do some landscape photography around here, as most locations I was interested in we’re simply covered in snow and all lakes and rivers completely frozen over. It was a blast being in Norway a few weeks ago and seeing not-frozen water for the first in time in months.

I planned yesterday to return to a familiar location yesterday to take a panorama. I had been doing that before but wasn’t happy with the composition, but during a visit at that lake during winter I found a much better viewpoint from which I should be able to create a better and tighter composition.

It has been a beautiful and clear day and the absence of wind of promised a calm lake and together with the blue sky, wonderful reflections. When I left at home I noticed that also the moon seemed to be in the right place and the conditions just looked about right.

After a short ride I got a little of a reality check. Even though it had been warm now for weeks the lake was still covered with ice. Too bad, so I still have to wait a little more.

With the warm light of the evening sun lighting the trees behind me, I decided to use a technique I haven’t been using for a while now, panning static objects. I was hoping to catch the warm light of the sun together with some shapes from the trees while creating the painterly effect this technique provides. [gallery link=“file” columns=“2”]

I was having some fun panning through the trees and trunks until the warm evening light disappeared behind the higher trees. I have been using this technique earlier and it’s a fun to use. Somehow it clears up the mind a little bit and gives some fresh ideas. Usually I take only a few images of every scene, but with this technique there’s quite a few trying and experimenting until the shot got right. Positive side effect is that dust-spots on the sensor are almost irrelevant this way.

More to come..

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