Tuesday Link Special: Landscape Photography on Video - Cornish, Ward and Waite

May 25, 2010 ☼ ArticleUncategorized

It’s Tuesday again and therefore time for another link special. I like to put them into a theme about something that is interesting me at the moment and as I have been posting quite a few video clips recently here, I thought it would be suitable to share some landscape-photography related video clips.

Compared to for example lighting videos, educational or motivational videos in the landscape-photography category are kind of rare. Hopefully that changes over time but I found a few nice clips that I like and I hope you do too.

The first two videos feature one of my favorite landscape-photographers Charlie Waite. In these he talks about light and photography and his experiences hosting a workshop. Though being more of promotional nature they are still inspiring.

I posted it here before already, but it’s always worth bringing it up again, is the video of Joe Cornish discussing the work of Peter Dombrovskis. The video is produced by and available on Tim Parkin’s site over here.

And while I’m just at the topic of Joe Cornish and Charlie Waite…

On Vimeo is a series of trailers for an upcoming photography series entitled Journeys Into Photography featuring some of Britains finest landscape photographers

all of which I find very inspiring. The full DVD of Charlie Waite I believe to be available here, but don’t nail me on that one if it’s wrong. But at least I will order it from there.

I have some more clips but I guess I’ll save them for another time. If you have some clips that you would like to share, you’re welcome to leave note in the comments.

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