Aperture Quick Tip: Make Book First

May 3, 2010 ☼ ArticleUncategorized

Here’s the thing…. I am slow, at least when it comes to post-processing. I love to process my images, but time is limited and I like to spend some time with an individual image. This is, and so far never had been, a problem with my landscape photography. I take my time and the winters here are long, so I can always catch up again and do some work once I have time.

Whilst this is true for my landscape photography, it turned out to be a little unpractical for my friend’s wedding that I shot/documented last August. The promised book developed … let’s say slowly at best.

To make the story a little shorter…

In Lightroom my workflow was to select the keepers and the images I would have needed to tell the story the way I wanted to. Next step was processing them and finally copy over the processed images to a book-software. Not knowing the book’s layout at that moment I had not much of an idea which images actually really would end up in the book. This process felt frustrating, which is one of the reasons I only processed the portraits in B&W up to that point. After my switch to Aperture my workflow changed significantly.

In Aperture you can always do edits on the images, and this is the trick. I selected the images first and then arranged the book. This way I knew exactly which images I need to edit and could do that directly in the book-module in Aperture. This cut down the processing time to roughly 3-4 hrs including the time to arrange the book. The same procedure is naturally also possible with slideshows.

I’m not a wedding shooter and I never have some time pressure with my own work, but this workflow (picks –> book/slideshow –> edit) definitely saved me a lot time and frustration to hand over the book/slideshow prior to their first anniversary.

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