Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise

May 3, 2010 ☼ ArticleUncategorized

It’s three in the morning when the alarm clock wakes me from a few hours sleep. I should be hurrying. It’s barely getting dark outside anymore and sun is about to rise in two hours.

After a few coffees I’m driving through the twilight and I reach my destination in time, hoping the lake will not be frozen anymore. And I’m in luck it seems. A little ice is left, but I hope the panorama I planned will work out fine.

I set up my gear, but it’s still a little to early and I use the time to play around with the panning technique in order to get some interesting and impressionistic results. A few rocks in front of a few trees are a welcome subject for this.

Finally I get the purple morning light I was hoping for and even the moon reflects in the mirror-like lake. Looking good so far. I take a few rounds with the panorama-head and hope this viewpoint will be better than the one I had chosen last year. I planned another spot, a little closer to the island, but that one is still swamped and covered with a thin layer of ice. But at home I will know more once the image comes out of Photoshop.

All in all a successful morning I think. But now back home.

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