Revisiting Norway

May 6, 2010 ☼ ArticleUncategorized

Revisiting Norway now, at least virtually in Google Earth…. As a little follow up Tuesday’s link post on location scouting I thought it would be nice to see how accurate Google Earth actually is compared to an already taken and less virtual image. Preparation: As I had no GPS data available I chose an image of mine of which I could pretty well remember where I actually took it. I captured this image on a beach near the island of Sommaroy, a little north of Tromsö. It was a late summer night and the sun already set, or better hid behind the horizon. The time was roughly 2 o’clock. Next thing was to look for the same, or at least close, location in Google Earth and zoom into ground level. From there on it was easy and just a matter of seconds to find the right viewing direction. I can only say, that I was amazed by the accuracy of the scenery. Additionally I added the sun overlay to the scene and the result close pretty close to the scene I captured. Comparison: Here’s the scene as I captured it:

And this is roughly the same place with the sunlight coming from the same direction:

Not only is the shape of the mountains identical also the light in the background is pretty much the same as you can see. Naturally at that time of year it’s not getting dark in that area, something that Google Earth doesn’t seem to take into consideration, but that of course doesn’t matter compared to the data that I can get ouf of the software. Resume: For location-scouting and getting an impression on how a location might look like at a given time of day this is an indispensable tool and well worth the preparation. Actually I think I should have done that more often. Do you have any tips or tricks on how you use Google Earth for location scouting and the preparation of your photography? Feel free to leave a note in the comments.

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