Aperture Monday: The Belated Edition

June 22, 2010 ☼ ArticleUncategorized

I have been happily using Aperture for a while now and I ran into a few more Aperture related resources which were useful for me and maybe for one or the other of you. I discovered the blog by photographer Edmond Terakopian which has a good tutorials and videos and which led me over to the Aperture channel on Vimeo. Very useful information over there and place to watch for a while. And talking about video:

The other day I ran via this blog-post into the Lynda Podcast channel on YouTube. There’s a lot tutorials over there, including good ones for Aperture.

And one more: I ran into this video featuring the work of landscape photographer Colin Prior, and even though being an Aperture promotional video it provides some nice insight into his work on Iceland. While my installation runs smoothly, it did though significantly sped after turning off the Faces features. Over on photographer John Thalew’s blog you can find more detailed explanation if something isn’t working as expected with your Aperture installation. And yes, I planned to fire up an occasional series here on the blog to go live on Mondays. Like in, yesterday… hence the name ;-)

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