Rocks And Ropes - The Sneak Peek

June 7, 2010 ☼ ArticleUncategorized

Covered with mosquito bites I returned home and as usual imported the images into Aperture. I was happy to notice that the images turned out like I envisioned them.

What I like to about Aperture is, how my images come out of it immediately. Usually I don’t apply much adjustments, as the most of the images come out sharp with nice and saturated colours and good shadows and highlights. I simply apply some curves, levels or occasionally fix some trouble spot with a selective shadow/highlight adjustment, usually that is enough. Not always of course.

If you happen to have read my live-blog from this shooting last week, you might remember that I planned to a few locations that I scouted out already during the last winter. While the coastal scene turned out to be like I expected, the fishing harbor wasn’t as inspiring as I hoped it to be. After exploring a the scene a for a while though, I discovered a few details with which I spent some time.

I’m usually not that good with detail images, I simply overlook them. But these ropes, which were lying on the ground somehow were so inviting that I couldn’t resist spending some time find a good a good frame in them. I envisioned them in a sepia-toned B&W with good contrast and sharpness and processed them as such and they came out the way I hoped they would. With nice blacks and good contrast.

The coastal scene also worked as I hoped. It was a wonderful silent moment out there. The sea was so calm and the clouds nicely reflected on the water.

Here’s a short slideshow with some of those images and another video-blog will follow during the course of the week or in the beginning of the next one.

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