Lofoten: A Sneak-Peek

July 5, 2010 ☼ Article

It has become a tradition already here on the blog that I post a preview of some of the images that I took during a shooting. Of course my last trip will be no exception.

I have been pretty busy with post-processing recently and spent even more time stitching the panoramas that I took. As the latter are not yet even remotely ready, I decided to post some of the single frames first. Another post with some of the panoramic images will follow later this week.

Most of these are not yet ready and some of them will turn out to be a black&white and all of them still are in need of some serious dust-brushing. But until they are ready to go live here then I hope you do enjoy these versions:

[gallery type=“rectangular” link=“none” ids=“361148582,361148583,361148584,361148585,361148586,361148587,361148588,361148589”]

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