St.Just Bridge

August 28, 2010 ☼ Articlecornwalllandscape-photographyPhotographyPhotojournal

St.Just… The rain which just tested my now already torn looking 1,99£ umbrella stopped and I can go on with my explore of the scenery. On the way to the coast I already spotted this beautiful location. The road to the coast already leads me along this little river and finally I find this spot, rather close to the coast.

It’s already in the afternoon, with the sun still high up in the sky. I compose my image and wait for the right moment. In this case, I was hoping for the clouds to part in front of me, and at the same time I was waiting for the clouds to create a giant softbox in front of the sun.

Luckily, the wind was still strong and I didn’t had to wait long for the conditions to be right.

This image will also be included in my upcoming e-book, which should be released on September the 1st. If you are interested please keep an eye on the blog during the next week. More images from Cornwall you can find here on the blog or visit my gallery.

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