Aperture Monday: Toned, Dramatic Sky B&W Preset

August 30, 2010 ☼ ArticleUncategorized

I have to say, I’m really not the biggest user of presets in general. Sometimes though, when things have to go fast, or I would like to get some ideas or input I like to apply a one or the other preset to get some inspiration.

For B&W conversion, I almost all the time use Silver EfexPro. I simply love this plugin. I use it either in Photoshop or Aperture. At the moment the plugin doesn’t support 64bit mode though and it requires a restart of Aperture in 32bit mode which is not a biggie, but still a little cumbersome.

The other day though, I was interested to process an image or two as a B&W to copy the look of an image which I processed in SilverEfex Pro. The result is this preset. Surely doesn’t work for every image, and one might want to edit the Level and Vignette adjustments to taste.

It is designed to enhance grey and cloudy skies and adds a little bit of a warm toning to the image.

Here you have an before and after version with the preset.

If you like it, you can download the preset from here.

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