Aperture Monday and more: Split Toned Black And White Presets

September 27, 2010 ☼ ApertureArticlepresetsTutorialsUncategorized

Last week I posted a tutorial on how it’s possible to create a nicely split-toned B&W image in Aperture and already then I announced the release of this preset. The preset includes the curve and colour panel settings I used to create this image. Most likely you will need to fine tune the settings to your image. You can do so by adjusting either the curves or the colour settings. Alternatively you could play around with the layer opacity of the curves layer as I described in this post. Here’s the end result: You can download the preset for Aperture from here. Just this week I have started to play around with Lightroom 3 again, and so far I do like it also. For someone who shoots 80% of the time with an ultra-wide angle lens, the automated lens correction is a god-send. Since I was working with already, I created a similar preset for Lightroom which you can download from here. UPDATE: I did had some issues with some missing files here. I’m sorry about that. I will update this post as soon as I have the adjustment presets updated.

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