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November 10, 2010 ☼ Articlefinlandlandscape-photographyPhotography

Finally! The first snow has fallen and the landscapes started to look much friendlier now. The days of dark and grey are hopefully now over. It’s amazing how much different just a little snow makes. Before it will look like this some more time will have to pass.

That said, the happiness of the snow will diminish some day. At the latest at the end of April, when the landscapes are still covered in snow. Spring is arriving expectedly late here in the north. This year it felt as if spring lasted little more than a week, before it turned to summer.

During the short winter days it usually becomes rather difficult to find the time to photograph landscapes. A lot of my planned locations are too far away to either reach them after my day job in time or to be back in time after an outing at sunrise, which made me come up with a few project ideas to photograph during this time. Just to stay sane.

I took this image while I was working on one of these projects, which as of this time is still ongoing. The river, now frozen and covered with snow, created this path through the forest and the leaning trees somehow make this image for me. After I captured this image I did not really know what to do with for quite some time. Well, I figured out now.

I always enjoy the contrast between the dark trees and the white snow. Especially when it happens to be fresh snow, as it was the case on that specific day. The snow was fresh and untouched. Normally in this place, you will find tracks from cross-country skies there already.

Hopefully there’s more to come during this winter and I find the time and the right conditions to go out and photograph those images that I have planned. Time will tell.

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