Happy Anniversary!

November 12, 2010 ☼ ArticleUncategorized

Open the champagne bottles and launch the fireworks! Today it’s party time! At least a little…

It’s now three years ago that I was looking for a more personal presentation of my work than the common photo sharing sites then allowed and launched my first photoblog which was then entitled From 10 to 300mm”. The site has developed quite a bit since then and hopefully continues to do so.

From the beginning on I was interested in presenting my work in a way that I like. Assuming that I would be only visitor of my site I wanted to create a site that I would like to visit myself. The result were multiple re-designs, addition and removal of features and what not. Luckily, and this is thanks to you, I’m not the only visitor to my site anymore.

A year after the launch of the photoblog, I added a blog to the site, and launched multiple other blogs (liveblogs, microblogs and what not) to go along with it. Just take a moment and think about the mess that I created. All of these additions culminated in the installment of this blog. After switching over to my own install of Wordpress I finally have all the control about design and functionality in my hands. Something that I definitely enjoy and take much benefit of, and so far I haven’t broken anything. At least nothing that I know of.

When I launched the first blog, I would never have thought that it will stick and that I will still have it running after such a long time. This is course also due to you, my dearest visitor. Without your support and your encouragement through comments and social media replies I don’t know would I still be doing it and I’m very thankful for that.

I pulled the kill-switch on my photoblog earlier this year and I still have a little back-catalog of images and posts that I will add here as well over time. It is likely though, that the posts will be revised, if not rewritten and images re-processed.

My galleries are now hosted on Photoshelter, a service that I’m very happy with as it seamlessly integrates with my blog which is a slightly tweaked design from Graphpaperpress and everything get’s nicely backup’d in the background by Vaultpress.

But now I don’t want to bother you any longer with my ramblings and rather invite you to browse a little through my blog or my galleries which will receive a minor facelift once I find the time.

Thanks again for visiting!

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