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Geez, I really can’t believe another year has passed. It feels just like yesterday that opened a bottle of sparkling wine for the new years party. It definitely was a busy year. Personally, in my photography and here on the blog.

On the blog happened a lot. What started as a personal blog on Wordpress in February has become, well, this site that you are reading right now. I pulled the plug on my old photoblog (From 10 to 300mm), switched hosts and addresses, switched Twitter IDs and what not. The good news is that I at least I didn’t change my own name ;-)

While these seem to be rather big steps they somehow just are somehow natural evolution of my work here on the blog, and small steps in the attempt of bringing my photography on a different level.

Surprisingly I did not spent much on beefing up my gear. As far as I remember I only purchased an extension tube to play around a little with macro photography, and much to my own surprise, I did buy only one new camera bag. The latter is definitely a personal record.

So what else has happened?

I wrote already earlier, that this blog took quite a journey during this year and due to that, my stats are slightly messed up. One this though is for sure that my most popular post is this one as it was featured on Wordpress’ homepage while I my site was running on Wordpress.com.

Followed by my e-book page/post , Unexpected Company” and the The First Frost”. The single most viewed image in my galleries is Rocked Tree” followed my latest Storvatnet Reflection” and Mountain Reflections”.

Rocked Tree Rocked Tree

Storvatnet Reflection Storvatnet Reflections

Lofoten Islands-6 Mountain Reflections

Additionally I launched my Facebook page, and if you haven’t liked” me there yet, you are welcome to do. Just sayin ;-)

Just before Christmas I got my Christmas present slightly early when I received a Tweet from Graphpaperpress that this blog of mine got featured on their homepage. This is of course amazing that the developers of my the blog theme are liking my re-design. I always had the feeling that somewhere someone must be scratching his head when seeing my tweaks to this template.

As for the re-design, or design in general of this site, I’m pretty close to the way I would like to have it. A few minor things will still be added. I’m awaiting the public release of the next Wordpress release to add some additional feature to the blog, which should be easier with that version.

The E-Book

One of the milestones this year was most likely the release of my very first e-book, Cornwall - A Photographic Journey, just a few months ago. It had been very well received and downloaded many times.

This first e-book was basically constructed out of a few blog posts together with some images from my trip to Cornwall, therefore the work I actually had with it was rather limited.

The release and reception of the book gave me enough encouragement though to start working on my next one. Details will follow in an upcoming blog-post and it will be released during the first half of next year. I have planned it already but there still will be need for some additional photographs which I hope to be able to capture some time in March.

If you haven’t seen my current e-book yet, feel free to download it from this page.

What’s Next?

I already have some plans for the next year and currently been thinking about some fresh places to visit but my next trip will lead me back to Norway with the hope of getting some more images for the next book.

I the beginning of the year I will finally launch my webstore and those who are interested will be able to order prints straight from my site or be able to purchase custom made prints, which we do ourselves. This step is long overdue, but now almost everything is in place and nothing will stand in it’s way. Stay tuned for future updates here on the blog.

With the upcoming release of the Wordpress 3.1 I will try to make this blog more interesting. I will add some more features, which were, at least as of the time of this writing, not easily possible but should be a lot easier to achieve with some features included in the new version.

Gear-wise I’m totally satisfied with my equipment at the moment and I actually don’t see any need to purchase anything new. The only missing” parts of equipment would be the relatively new BigStopper from Leefilters and one Infrared filter would be nice.

But then again, if anyone would have the 17 or 24mm TS lens spare, I wouldn’t mind ;-)


It was an exciting year here on the blog and in my photography and personally most of all because she said yes”. I’m looking forward to what will happen to my photography and what’s going on here on the blog during this year. There’s still some refinements coming with the theme of the blog, but I will try to not change the design of this site too much during this year.

Long story short, thanks to all of you and see you here on the blog, on Twitter or Facebook and I wish you all a good start into the new year.

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