Best Photos Of 2010 - Recap

January 13, 2011 ☼ ArticlePhotography

A few weeks ago (avoiding the term last year as it sounds so long ago) I blogged my favourite images from 2010 here on the blog with the pursuit to submit them to Jim Goldsteins Your Best Shots” project which he announced on his blog. To make a long story short… Jim’s post has gone live yesterday and my submission is included there as well. If you haven’t noticed the post already please head over to Jim’s blog and have a look at 160 great submissions.

I myself haven’t managed to look through all 160 submissions so far (some though were already familiar to me) but the submission by Korean photographer Seung Kye Lee caught my eye. Living and working in Norway, his galleries are full of beautiful landscapes. Thanks again to Jim for holding this project.

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