Big Rocks And A Little Island: Isoniemi

May 24, 2011 ☼ Articlefavourite-locationsfinlandlandscape-photographyPhotography

In this second post I would like to introduce you to another of my favourite locations a beach/area called Isoniemi. Even though it’s easy to reach, the location itself is a bit hidden in the forest and it’s definitely not one of those you accidentally run into. Within about 30min from home it is a good place to return to once the conditions look about right. Besides a sand beach and some smaller rocks it features a very small island just a few meters off the coast. During spring and summer the island serves as a breeding ground for birds, which, aside from looking nice, is actually the only use of it. My first visit took place during a warm spring evening close to sunset when photographer Kai Tirkkonen introduced me to this place. Even though the conditions were rather nice that evening I only took a few images. During this first visit though I got a good impression about the potential of this location. The beach is faced to the West and since during Summer the sun sets more to north, the light of the setting sun almost sidelights the scene.


It took almost exactly a year though until I finally had the chance to experience this nice sidelight on another lovely warm spring evening. I blogged a write-up and a video-blog during the last year, if you are interested.


Again, more than half a year later I have had the chance to visit here again. It’s an autumn morning, with actually not so good light. I explore a bit a broken boat which was left on the beach, but somehow composition and light don’t work out well this time. I use the chance though for some abstracts, which in fact, worked out better that day.


I finally have the chance for a visit in winter, which turned out to be the most interesting so far. It had been very cold during the last few weeks but not much snow had fallen yet, which left the sea frozen, but not yet entirely covered with snow. This turns out to be a winner full of interesting structures. Another bonus for photographing in winter around here is, that even though it’s only a few hours of daylight during the day, it’s at least good light all the time and one doesn’t have to get up early in the morning. This turned out to be very helpful just a few days later during my next visit (I wrote about these two incidents already, and you can find it’s write-up in these two posts as well as another video-blog)

Spring (again)

I had the chance the chance visiting here a few times during this spring and during the first visit I explored the area again and then concentrated on photographing a few details. Once the sea finally melted I returned during the last week for some further compositions of the old boat which luckily still is at the coast and adds some welcome interest to the scene. During my visit in autumn the shooting failed due to the lack of decent light, this time it seems to work out slightly better though. From the different seasons, the winter had been so far the most inspiring and successful for me. The light is much better at this location during that time of year and the ice and snow simplifies the scene quite a bit. Surely I will find some time to return every now and then to explore the area a bit more. Also the forest around bears some interesting motifs, if one is good with photographing trees and forest scenes; but that is a totally different story. Feel free to visit my galleries with all the images from there.

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