Not quite dead yet, but not roaring either

February 2, 2012 ☼ Article

Before you go on reading this, I would like to point out, that I have been happily working with Mac’s of all kind (and will continue to be in the future) for now for about 6 years and smaller issues here and there aside, I have never had an issue worth mentioning or growing grey hair about.

That is, until I updated my iMac to Lion.

It turned out, as useful and advanced I find Lion (which as a side note I’d like to mention roars on my MacBook without any issues) that especially this Lion is of rather moody nature, more like a sickly kitten maybe. Snow Leopard rocked though this computer. Never any issues, at least as far as I can remember.

I have seen many nature documentaries in my life and some of them involved naturally also the lion in general. The king of all cats. From what I remember of those documentaries is, that these mighty lions with all their majestic appearance, are usually shown only tired from all the food and are sleeping or hanging out on some rock, while other Lions in their herd do the job.

The same I can say for my iMac. It sleeps, and thanks to crashes during just that period, it doesn’t even wake-up via any of the attached Bluetooth devices. No, it requires this cheap and crappy portable Microsoft mouse[1] which came together with some laptop bag, to wake it up to do a restart and get it into a usuable condition again.

Several attempts of permission-fixing and re-installs-from-backups later, the Lion remained of moody nature. While working most of the time, it often turned out lazy and in need of that cheap mouse again for a re-boot.

That is until today…

A fix for the Lion was available: the 10.7.3 update. As expected, the install just worked nicely without any issues. Just the way I expect it to be. Famous last words.

After a rebooting and logging into my account I am greeted with crash reports. Lot’s of them. A new Lion king must be in town, as this one obviously has passed it torch. Question is just, where to? Definitely not into the Root account, where crash-reports were the predominant sight as well.

The usual first-aid processes proved out to be worthless. It is crashing all over the place, Finder is a wreck and nothing opens [2] without throwing out yet another crash report. This Lion is not quite dead yet, but it is definitely in need of a visit to the hospital to recover.

While writing this, this Lion is in restoring from a back (thanks to Time Machine) and hopefully the last complete backup will be what it is supposed to be: a complete backup.

I guess I will figure that out in 7 hours and 30 minutes. I’ll keep you posted.

So in case you wonder, what has happened to the promised update on the blog, or why I haven’t had the chance to go out and do some photography, I guess you got the answer now.

Update 3:58pm:

The restore from the TimeMachine backup was successful and now downloading the combo update and doing a re-install of 10.7.3. Things are good so far.

Update 2 5:56pm:

Things are running fine now. Installing the combo-updater from Apple’s site did the trick.

  1. Of course any other USB-mouse would do as well, I just don’t have any at hand, and I find this a too ironic to not mention it.  ↩

  2. The only app that actually opened without a crash was iA Writer. Not that this is of any importance, but I’m writing this on my iPad using iAWriter. Just saying.  ↩

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