A Text-Editor Habit

May 18, 2012 ☼ ArticleWriting-Tools

After my last confession it is time for another one. I have a problem. I have developed a habit: text-editors.

It turns out that I (amongst other things) collect them, both on iOS and OS X. To make it even more I also switch my text-editor-preferences on a weekly, if not daily basis. I will not even start with my preferred one on iOS (as of this time it would be Byword, but of course I’m writing this in Writing Kit, go figure), but on the desktop, I used to switch between iAWriter and Byword and now I added a third one to the mix: MultiMarkdown Composer.

Actually I don’t what took me so long to try out this app, considered that I have known about it for quite some time. From my admittedly limited testing time I can say that I first of all enjoy the inline preview (with color coding) and the possibility to control it completely with keyboard shortcuts. Additionally I can configure it the way I want (I prefer to have it as clean as possible and remove all elements that I don’t need, like the drawer or the ruler). Also I enjoy the including of a Solarized Dark theme.

Essentially it has all the features that I have been looking for in a Markdown dedicated text-editor. Well those preferences might change again.

For the time being I will continue to use it and then will see how it grows on me. Once I have added a few more Markdown services to my system, I see this to be a very efficient tool. Since I do most of my writing on the iPad the fact that an iOS version of the app seems to be around the corner is of course extra-exciting.

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