June 29, 2012 ☼ Productivity

It’s a curious thing, this whole workflow thingy: almost every day comes in with optimizations, tweaks, fresh insights and a switch of preferred tools. Often I found myself thinking on how to do a certain task just that bit more efficient, and in that process spent more time switching my preferred tools than actually getting the stuff done.

This is surely my own issue, but the idea of getting my workflow just right has become a quest for me.

The thing is, I’m always so close to get it right, yet still I’m always so far.

I give you an example:

I have here a draft of an upcoming homescreen post. The idea is simply listing some my favourite applications on the iPad. Easy task: make a screenshot and write down the apps and add some notes to each app. Boom! Done! Simple!

The thing is though that during the course of writing, a few key applications changed. Even if not permanently, but at least temporarily.

My preferred writing app at the moment (and the one I am actually writing this) had been for a couple of months Byword. A bit prior I started to write the post though, I switched to Nebolous Notes (read about this in my last post) and while writing back to Byword. Since I prefer to use Byword in conjunction with iCloud instead of Dropbox, I needed to move drafts from iCloud to Dropbox and of course later back again.

Similar things I could say about my note taking application, or the right browser[1]

Fact is, due these and a few other things, I still haven’t gotten the post together. First of all since my current homescreen is still not perfect and secondly because I simply haven’t made up my mind about some of the applications myself. But truth is, it never will be.

The perfect setup of tools simply doesn’t exist at this moment for me. It’s merely about getting as close as possible.

Maybe that’s what’s to learn here, but still it is not going to stop me from searching for the right setup. But that post will nevertheless go live soon, that is if…

  1. I’m not even going to start here with more or less sudden appearance of Google Chrome on my homescreen.  ↩

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