The Wide(r) North

August 12, 2012 ☼ ArticleFinnmarknorwayPhotographyPhotojournal

Aside one visit to the Finnmark area two years ago, the majority of our visits to Norway took us into the Tröms area or the Lofoten, which was the most south that we have gotten so far. The road trip though led us again mainly through the Finnmark.

We began our trip just behind the Finnish/Norwegian border in Skibotn up to the northern spot on the European continent, the Nordkapp[^-361147620]. I find the wide open landscapes in this area to be very visually appealing and the resulting images reflect this in more streamlined and simpler compositions.

To capture these wide open spaces, I focused on creating panoramic images exclusively, something that I haven’t been doing for quite a while. It seemed though necessary as I had not the feeling I couldn’t capture the feel and atmosphere of the landscapes in a single frame. Looking back at the resulting images it proves me right.

My approach to photographing landscapes has changed quite a bit during the last two or so years as I have grown accustomed to the fact that the experience of being in a place is far more satisfying than the act collecting as many images as possible. Also I started to learn to deal with whatever the weather conditions are at the moment and stopped hoping or waiting for the right light_.Right_ can mean a lot of things, and I think when it looks great, the light is simply is right.

[gallery type=“rectangular”]

During the short stint at these locations, many views have been left un-explored but I have the distinct feeling that this wasn’t my the last visit around there.

  1. And yes, I am aware know that it in fact not the most northern point, but who cares. 

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