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August 17, 2012 ☼ ArticlePodcast

PodcastIt had been years since I have become avid podcast-listener and what started with only a few selected podcasts had become a decent selection of (more or less) weekly shows that I follow. Since vacation is over and with the upcoming daily trips to work I thought this to be a good opportunity to have a look at the state of my current podcast subscriptions.

Many shows and their hosts have become familiar voices a gave some company on countless bike-rides to and from work. Especially on those long trips to Norway it had been a soothing thought knowing that my podcast player was filled with unplayed episodes.

Not all my subscriptions though stand the test of time. It happens just naturally that some shows first get ignored for a while and after some more trial un-subscribed. In many it wasn’t so much about the quality of the show, but more often I got the feeling that a show turned more into an infomercial than into an informative or entertaining talk.

It goes without saying that I totally understand the need of having sponsors and ads in a show, but in my opinion it is important to have a clear distinction between the advertisement and the show. Unfortunately not all shows seem to pass this test.

Nevertheless the list of subscribed podcasts is a growing one and more often than not I have a hard time catching up with all weekly episodes. Aside of listening in 1.5 speed [^-137] I have made it a habit checking the show-notes in Instacast first and in case of doubt, simply mark an episode as read. Surely makes things a lot faster.

But here’s now the list of my subscribed non-photographic podcasts in alphabetical order:

Radiolab is one of my latest additions and it almost instantly had become one of favourites. Currently I’m trying to catch up with some of the older episodes.

Looking at this list it actually doesn’t appear to be rather comprehensive, but fresh releases quickly pile up during the week. still I am always on the lookout for suitable shows to add to the list.

If you are interested into the list of my photographic subscriptions have a look over on my photoblog

  1. I actually find 1.5x speed very easily listenable and not as un-natural like double or more. 

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