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August 22, 2012 ☼ ArticleWriting-Tools

I think that most of the time I find some awesome piece of software it is usually in one way or the other connected with something, something Brett Terpstra. Today I found Poster through one of his tweets.

Poster is an iPad blogging app for Wordpress which is very intuitive to use and features a beautiful and simple design. It features of course Markdown 1, full control of post-types, categories, tags, post-date/time (scheduling and so on). In short: all the things that I need the most.

Drafts can also be imported from Dropbox, but since I use (the soon to be updated) Byword with iCloud for (most) of my writing I haven’t tested this yet.

After my little testing so far (this is the first post) the thing I am missing the most is a monospaced font-choice and support for images.

I will give this app a longer try and will keep you informed about my experiences with the app after more usage mileage of this app.

For more information head over to their website or get it from the app store.

  1. I mean that goes without saying and I certainly wouldn’t be using it if it didn’t. 

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