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August 29, 2012 ☼ ArticleWriting-Tools

My (by now) favourite text-editor Byword has gotten a nice update today. It sports now a dark theme, folders with iCloud, full-text search, export to PDF and also can connect to Dropbox at the same time.

I personally appreciate that the UI is now a bit more contrasty, hence easier to read, and that the menu/title bar (or however the bar would be called) now slides over the text field and doesn’t push it down/up anymore. I found this to be a tad confusing at times.

This latest update, together with Poster and Drafts 1 has now completed and perfected my writing-workflow on the iPad, which in fact is the tool I actually feel the most comfortable to write with. These are exiting times for text-file nerds.

Go and grap the update from the App Store

  1. I have a longer write-up coming this one, but I want to be thorough with my experience and not rush the post out. 

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