An Influx of App-Dates

September 19, 2012 ☼ Article

If you read this it most certainly will be the case that you are somehow like me, and you are in the middle of installing, upgrading and updating all kinds of applications and (i)OS’s right now. By the time of this writing iOS6, OSX 10.8.2 and an influx of apps are in my download cue.

I was very happy to see also an updated version of Drafts appearing in my available updates. As I wrote already earlier I’m using the heck out this app and I continue to use it more and more. This latest version features, amongst the usual bug fixes, also a dedicated Send to Poster action. Since the short time Poster is available it has become the way for me to post to my blog.

Also it was interesting to note that Apple’s own Podcasts app got an update. It now supports also iCloud syncing, which was a mystery to me why that feature was missing from the app in the first place. I don’t think it will get me away from Instacast which is by far my favourite podcast catcher.

But the first updates are installed now, and I have some reading and catching up to do.

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