Getting my homescreen right

September 25, 2012 ☼ Article

For a few months already I have both a homescreen kind-of-post 1 and page in the works, yet I still haven’t been able to finish them. Interestingly this is not because I don’t find the words, but simply because my homescreen is, what feels to be in a permanent state of flux.

Preferred apps change regularly and new ones are added while others get deleted or moved off the homescreen. I simply often have a hard time deciding what applications I actually want to have on it.

To solve this dilemma (I know, this is totally a first world issue) I decided to do it the hard way simply by taking everything off the homescreen and then during a weeks time (or something like this) applications will have to earn their way back onto it. With this, admittedly a bit drastic measure, I hope to simplify my workflow, choice of applications and eventually gain clarity of what I really need to have available quickly.

Once I figured out how to set my homescreen up, I will get the post out by the end of next week. Deadlines always work out fine for me. At least so I hope.

  1. Not that it matters, but by now it’s already two drafts. 

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