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October 22, 2012 ☼ Article

This last week truly has been very eventful and as I enjoy the beginning of my vacation, it felt to be a good moment to catch up with some things of note that I ran into during the past week 1.

After the release of Pinbook I have started to clean up my Pinboard account and already found some nice items in it. Unfortunately I had set up a few to many services to auto-save items to my Pinboard account, which in the end turned it into a bit of a mess. I will have to organize it a bit more and re-think the automated bookmarking process a bit.

You are most likely already familiar with Podcast addiction and at the moment I’m trying to use Apple’s Podcasts app. While the omission of links in the show-notes (or the general lack thereof) is at best described as mystifying, the overall experience isn’t that un-pleasant. The sync between my devices worked so far flawless and I hope that with the next iTunes version there will come a decent sync solution to the desktop and Apple TV. I don’t hang up my hopes too high though and see me switching back to Instacast any time soon.

And talking about Podcasts…

Andy Ihnatko is with Old Tech News about to launch a new podcast today. As I usually enjoy his work, I am looking forward to the new show.

Over on App.net have been happening a few experiments over the weekend, ADN Blogs is one of those and it looks very interesting. Seeing developments like this, is what makes the platform so interesting to me.

I guess that’s it for now and I’m sure many interesting things will happen during this week, especially tomorrow. I’m looking forward to read how the original iPad always had been way too heavy, but I’d like to be proven wrong.

  1. Note I didn’t use the term new as noteworthy things not necessarily need to be new in the truest sense. 

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