[Link] The Power of Coffee is Not in the Cup

October 25, 2012 ☼ CoffeeLinkRadiolablink

The Power of Coffee is Not in The Cup

As long as beans have been brewed, and cups have been sipped, and sloshed, they’ve created those distinctive splotches and circles we know so well: coffee rings.

I have no idea why this is, but for some reason I always have managed to watermark many, if not most of my books, with coffee stains. In many cases I managed to do so only minutes after opening the book for the first time. Somehow I considered them already something like a trademark of mine, as my books and materials where easily to be identified.

As a matter of fact, in a previous version of this blog, I actually had included a coffee stain in the design as well. Luckily these times are over by now.

If you are interested into the physics of coffee stains or rings, I recommend this article on Radiolab which comes just in time, when I really need a coffee.

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