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November 10, 2012 ☼ ArticlePersonal

A work related project has been keeping me pretty busy during this week, which gave me good enough of an excuse to start tinkering around with my workflow. Hence this weekly write-up is also a good opportunity to test the latter. Sounds reasonable, or?

The latest updates from iA Writer and Writing Kit got me curious about trying some more (other) text-editors and in the process I re-re-discovered Nebulous Notes again. I became a huge fan of it during the last summer, did though abandon it after a while due to some sync related issues. After the last few updates of the app this doesn’t seem to be much of an issue anymore and now I am actually very excited about the way I set up the app. In fact it feels faster than working with an external keyboard.

I am in the middle of a write-up on this, but I really want to test everything really well before I publish the article. So far I’m in more than 900 words in and I’m not even half-way done 1.

Inspired by Gabe Watherhead and Frederico Viticci I got interested and go me Pythonista and now will start to learn Python. It’s way too early to say anything about how it could improve my work, but Gabe had some very interesting things to show with that app on the iPad. Also Frederico teased an upcoming post. I planned to learn some programming language for a while already, and this seems to be not only useful for me but also a fun experience.

Additionally I am again back to using Things. After having used OmniFocus for a few years now this is a pretty big step. A final word is not yet spoken, but so far it feels very comfortable to work with it. But truth to be told, I would be satisfied with a TaskPaper based workflow, if I just could figure out a way to include time-based reminders. But that is of course coming up on the blog here at one point.

This week again is a good example how I my creativity and productivity increases once I have no time actually to be able to do these kind of things. It somehow always works out though.

So, but now I have some stuff to do.

  1. In the meanwhile you might be interested in Frederico Viticci’s article on Nebulous Notes, which contains a few very good ideas which I happily include in my workflow. 

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