Day One Update

November 16, 2012 ☼ LinkWriting-Tools

Day One is without doubt one of my favourite applications both on iOS and on OSX and it is also one of those applications I wish I simply would use more often. Something which comes back to my mind with every update of the application.

And so it did last night again…

In the latest update tagging and a search function got added to the application 1, both features which I was hoping the app would get some day. These features will help me to get my entries a bit more organized more efficient. This together with the previously introduction of image attachments actually makes the app super useful. I just have to get around and start using it more.

Maybe I might finally get around and install finally install Brett Terpstra’s Slogger additionally to setting aside some time every now and then and do some journaling.

  1. And I am not even mentioning how useful I find the addition of footnotes. MMD for the win! 

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