iA Writer for OS X Update

November 6, 2012 ☼ ArticleLink

My favourite text editor iA Writer got updated.

My obsession with text-editor’s shouldn’t be any secret anymore by now, and even though I’m currently living in the believe to have finally fixed my writing workflow (at least on iOS so far), I am still curious on what it’s going elsewhere. Maybe a new app or solution could add to the way I work or change my workflow signifacantly.

Even though it is currently not on my home-screen on my iPad, [iA Writer] is still amongst my favourite writing solutions, and one of the reasons I find it so difficult to settle on one editor of choice.

Ever since I started to use the application, I enjoyed both it’s design (the font just got to be my favourite one) and its simplicity. The lack of search in it’s iOS version though makes it a bit difficult for me to use for at the moment, hence I have used it only a little in the recent past. Yet, opening it again, be it on one of the rare occasions I actually write on my desktop, or on the iPad, feels weirdly like coming home. I know this sounds strange, and I’m not sure what that says about me.

Just the other day the OS X version of the application got updated and it sports now an interesting concept, which in fact is already in use in the iOS version of the app: responsive text.

In the accompanying blog post Bringing Responsiveness the App World Oliver Reichenstein explained the concept:

Inspired by our deep experience designing for the web, we’ve given Writer for Mac a responsive design, changing the font size based on window width. This maintains the text’s typographic proportions, zooming in and out without reflowing the text.

This is surely an interesting concept and I enjoy this implementation already on the iPad 1 as it makes it a lot easier to read the text.

Additionally a few more features had been added: a preview window (similar to [Marked] 2) and a word/character count for selections come to mind. I’m actually a little excited about this update as it brought back [iA Writer] to my attention not only on the desktop, but also on the iPad, which is where I am writing this now.

Will I stick exclusively with this app again? This is hard to say but all in all, I find it very interesting to see what it happening in the field of plain text editors these days. In fact it’s tools like this (or my other favourites Byword or Folding Text) which make me wish, applications like this would have been available a decade or so ago when I wrote my thesis. After all, the laptop I used then had a fraction of the memory and power than the iPad I am writing this on.

  1. I believe this is the only app I have seen doing this at all. The portrait mode though, has in fact one more character per line than the landscape one. Don’t ask why I know that. 

  2. The preview window appears currently seems to support only a very basic set Markdown features at the moment. 

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