A Kind Of Christmas Calendar - #1

December 1, 2012 ☼ TheVirtualChristmasCalendar

Rdio has very quickly become one of my favourite services. It seems that it has more of the recordings that I am interested in, and surprisingly so, many recordings that I would consider rarities.

Since I am currently exploring (read diving into) the catalog and building-up my collection, I thought it would be fun to share my progress and feature one recording, or tune per day here on the blog until Christmas. Think of it, as a virtual Christmas calendar.

As my personal preferences are definitely Jazz music, you can expect the majority of those little features to be, well, (mostly) instrumental Jazz. That doesn’t mean of course that there are not going to be surprises.

To kick things of, and to virtually open the first door in the Jazz-Calendar 1 I’d like to introduce you to Charlie Mariano plays by saxophone player Charlie Mariano.

I have had the honor to have met him twice during workshops and I still remember the beauty of his sound.

So, now let’s see if I can keep up with the posts until Christmas and of course you will actually need a Rdio subscription to listen to the music.

  1. I know, from all the stupid names possible, it had to be this. I will think of something better until it’s over. 

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