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December 18, 2012 ☼ ArticleBlognotes

I had been admittedly a bit vague in my little aside on the weekend, but as some of you already guessed 1 I moved this blog over to I had various reasons for this, but the main one would be that I (as I realized in a previous situation as well, but for some reason thought it might be different now) do not handle complete freedom well.

In short: I tend to tinker too much.

I spent a significant amount of time to, not only to find the right theme, but also to optimize the CSS (which I admittedly have a blast doing so) and to dig into the code of theme and adjust things to my liking there. This I have done not only with my Wordpress install, but also with a previous instance of this blog, on

It’s fun, but also a bit of a time sink.

But by switching between various different themes though I eventually learned what I like best about the themes that I was using. Once Wordpress 3.5 got released in the last week, I noticed that all of the features that I liked about all the themes I bought and used, can in fact be achieved with the latest Wordpress default theme Twenty Twelve and some CSS edits.

Having realized that, my choice for once was easily made and I, yet once more and now (hopefully) for the last time, moved the blog over to The same place I started it soon three years ago during a long bus ride on my iPhone.

Going with limits my tinkering to CSS only, which should make things a lot easier for me. Also I have the plan, that if I change the theme of the blog, I will only go for the next default theme. Should I succeed with that, I will stick at least one year with one theme 2 and fiddle around with the CSS of that one only.

So far the plan and now on to some random things…

After I have switched from Rdio back to Spotify I in fact have used Spotify, well, maybe, if at all twice, and the the rest of time I have been using Rdio. I guess it’s just better then, but I still hope to see the new features on Spotify soon, before canceling my subscription in January.

A boatload of great applications had been released during the last weeks with some of them ending up on my home screens. The Google Maps app is really nice (I even like the icon) and of course 1Password is out. Due to some changes at work I use the hell out of that app and updating, or better, purchasing the new version had been a no-brainer.

KitCam is still my favourite photo-app and while writing this, it got another nice update. Very nice. And yes, my home screen post and page should get live soon as well. Well, maybe.

But now I will have to leave and get some more coffee.

  1. Not so much some, more like one

  2. I just realized that I am using the same theme for my photoblog already for a year. This is absolutely a record.

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