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December 28, 2012 ☼ Articlehome-screen

It took some time, but I wanted to be really thorough and get my iPhone really right and not create yet another interim solution of my home screen. My setup evolved quite a bit and too often have I been struggling to decide on just this one app but in the end though I this one turned out to be working well.

20121227-230728.jpg During my experimentation with the home-screen setup I realized, that even though the iPad and iPhone share the same OS, and often the same applications, I tend to use the devices slightly differently:

While I use folders on the iPad’s home screen, if find them to clutter the iPhone’s home screen too much. To solve this I turned on Launch Center Pro 1 instead of creating a folding dock folder as I did on the iPad. In fact, now I wish the app would be available on the iPad as well. Utilizing Launch Center Pro has several advantages, as I can use it to launch apps as well as add specific tasks to it. Also on the iPhone Drafts is as usual my entry-tool for everything I have to write and with Launch Center I open lesser used, but common applications, links directly to certain OmniFocus projects and have shortcuts to call some favorites. My setup, is similar and inspired by the posts by Mike Vardy, from Michael Schechter and from Hack/Make. The rest is pretty much straight forward. Also here I have made it a bit of a habit to have some applications on the home screen which I would like to use more. And yes, Rdio is still on it. The latest version of Spotify hasn’t arrived yet, and so far I still enjoy Rdio very much as a place to build up my collection. Yet I am very curious about the way Spotify will handle collections. I hope they update soon. So, for the time being, this would be it and in the near future I will put together one dedicated page for the home screens, during which I will update the now already redundant iPad home screen.

  1. I haven’t had use Launch Center in quite a while and this was now a perfect possibility to put the app to good use.

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