A Look Back Ahead

December 31, 2012 ☼ ArticleBlognotes

Occasionally I have been posting a weekly review and since the year is about to come to an end, I thought I could join the thousands of yearly reviews.

I haven’t kept notes (other than in the posts here on the blog of course) about the ongoings of this year but it is save to say, that it was very exciting one; both personally and here on this blog.

While I usually keep personal things out of the Internet in general, the birth of our son in October had been of naturally a major event this year. He and the arrival of his bodyguard (read: our dog) earlier in the year have enriched our lives and extended our family.

The Blog

On the blog side of things this year had been eventful as well:

The blog started out as a little Markdown based blog, then evolved into a self-hosted Wordpress install, before I moved it over to Wordpress.com during the last month. With 135 posts this year had been my most active one, probably ever.

My photoblog, even though I haven’t updated it much has seen a gigantic increase in page after it had been mentioned on the Wordpress blog. Many thanks again to the team at Wordpress.

The Photography

During this year I did though had not as much time to focus on my landscape photography, yet I still managed to do some nice photographs. Most of them are yet to be processed, but at one point I will find the inspiration to do so.

In the beginning of the year I continued working on my Mänty Sketches project and during the summer trips to Vienna and Norway offered interesting, yet very different photographic opportunities.

On Social Media

Social media wise, I have logged into Facebook about twice. Each and every of these visits was followed by an influx of never-asked-for-notifications which in fact was yet another reminder why I never check in there anymore. So, if you plan to follow me on some social network, Facebook is maybe the worst of all places to do so.

As Twitter had turned a bit weird during this year I have joined App.net and have enjoyed my stay there so far. I may be a bit of hypocrite here, as I regularily check-in on a couple of lists that I have created and auto-post links to my articles, but other than that, the service has become more or less obsolete for me.

How all of this will continue is hard to say at the moment, but I guess during 2013 I will figure out.

The iPad, apps and stuff

During this year I have fully moved over to the iPad as my main worktool. It is not much of a surprise as it was long coming as I embraced working with it since I got the first iPad. I simply feel much more comfortable working, and especially writing, on it than on the desktop.

I think it’s save to say that I haven’t written anything worth mentioning on the desktop during this year. The desktop is nowadays reserved mainly for the occasional stint into Lightroom/Photoshop, CSS editing, occasional casual browsing and, most of the time, for streaming Netflix.

For a while I planned to be smart and started to work with an external keyboard, but in the end I found myself to be working more effective with the on-screen keyboard and applications like Nebulous Notes or iA Writer.

And while I’m talking about writing… After struggling to find the right editor on the iPad, I have settled with Nebulous Notes for long-form writing, Drafts for everything else which involves text in one form or the other and Poster for my blogging workflow.

So, far this has worked out very well, though iA Writer recently is making a comeback as the tool to write for my active documents. I don’t why this is, it always feels so much more comfortable to write with it. It is like visiting an old friend.

The Look Ahead

I am not much of a resolution guy, but I planned to start the new year with a bit of an early spring-cleaning.

First of all my rather extensive podcast subscription list will have to be cut down a bit. Even though I can easily keep up with my subscriptions, I simply grew tired of quite a few of them and it seems easier to get rid of them than to mark them as played all the time.

Similar steps will be taken for my Instapaper list. If there’s an article waiting in there for a year, there’s a good chance I will never read it. Idea here is: wipe clean most of it and start from scratch.

I still have some minor design additions for this blog to come up in the next few weeks, but until the next default theme is going to be released I think I will keep my fingers off the theme-changing for a while. Let’s see how long I manage to stick to that.

Application-wise I think there’s a lot of new great apps to be released. The other day I saw some screenshots of the upcoming iPad email-client Evomail and I already look forward to put this to my iPad. Also the soon-to-be-announced OmniFocus 2 for the desktop, which is supposed to happen at the end of January is going to be very interesting.

I am sure I forgot most of the things, which actually were supposed to be part of this post, but I’d rather get it published before even the new year is over.

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