Some Weekly Things No.2

January 21, 2013 ☼ ArticleBlognotes

Just as I type this I realise that I maybe shouldn’t be numbering these posts as it is unlikely that I will manage to get a weekly summary of sorts out every week, but I at least try.

It had been a busy again and I hardly got half of the things done that I planned to. Some is due to an unreasonable workload, but some of it is, due to all the work that I have done here on the blog. Naturally I’m getting closer to where I want it to be, but it still will take some time.

During this week a few nice updates got released. First of all I’m giving now Documents a try. Together with my favourite PDF reader PDFexpert it seems to be a very good combo. It’s nicely designed and works well so far and provides an overall desktopish functionality.

With Pinner another client got released during this week and so far it does look very nice. It’s universal and includes a reader-like functionality as well as access to popular bookmarks on Pinboard, which occasionally comes in very handy. I’m not sure does it support URL schemes at the moment, which would be really nice to have to include into Mr.Reader which got an update during this week as well.

Essentially I do like Reeder better but the lately added functionality makes it very nice to use. You can read about these over on Macstories if you are interested.

I think I should start to keep notes during the week as I tend to forget most of the things that I find interesting. But I think this is it for now, and I will now continue fiddling with the CSS and continue building the profile-page I have thought about.

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