Drafts 2.5

January 24, 2013 ☼ Link

Drafts 2.5 There’s no doubt that Drafts is by far my most used app on any iOS device. It’s my email, message, notes, writing, blogging app. This latest updated version introduces custom URL-schemes and enhanced Dropbox support. How great is that.

Looking back at Mr.Readers recent update I can now do things much easier and faster than on the desktop. A few workflows are available on Drafts’ website and I’m sure that there will be some nice examples on Macstories as well. With these actions or workflows a lot of things are going to be possible. Aside from creating some OmniFocus specific actions I see myself setting up a workflow which will send the the text over to Pyhtonista, then change inline to reference links and then send it back to either Drafts, Nebulous Notes or directly to Poster. Should I come up with something useful I will post it here. Update: < p>On Macstories you can now find some excellent examples how to use the new features.

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