Twenty Thirteen Demo

February 19, 2013 ☼ Link

Twenty Thirteen Demo When I moved this blog back to at the end of last year, one of the main ideas was to stick solely to one of Wordpress’ default themes. The reasoning behind this was to focus on blogging instead of switching the themes ever other week 1. Also this way I only have to tweak one theme. Just the other day the demo of the upcoming Wordpress default theme has gone live and I really like it. It features some really nice fonts 2 and is overall rather bold theme. Very nice.

Twenty Thirteen is set in Source Sans for body text, and Bitter for headlines. A symbol-font called Genericons is used to provide seamlessly scaling icons across the theme. The theme is fully responsive and works from handsets over tablets to big screens.

Really looking forward to have it enabled on This together with the upcoming Wordpress 3.6 will be a very nice setup in my opinion.

  1. Something that I have actually done.

  2. I’ll doubt any of you remember but I already used Source Sans in the last theme that I used before moving the blog over here.

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