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February 3, 2013 ☼ ArticleBlognotes

It turned out to be a fairly productive and overall active week. Which I guess is a good thing.

First off I finally managed to get my landing page out into the wild. Even though I’m not yet entirely satisfied I thought it’s better to get it out than to fiddle around and never really finish it.

I already wrote about the big things that have been announced over on during this week and photo uploads have been implemented already on’s web interface. I’m looking forward to see what developers are going to do with the new API. related I also had a quick look at Patter. Looks really nice, and I will have to check it out a bit more in the next days.

The OmniGroup had a lot of announcements during this week. OmniFocus 2 had been introduced and it does look really nice. Looking forward to give it a try at should I ever get access to the beta.

OmniOutliner is a tool that I haven’t been using as much as I would like as it could be the solution to some things that I would like to have solved. The (also) announced OmniOutliner 4 looks very tempting. I will have another look at it I guess.

Just during the night my everything tool Drafts received another nice update. Amongst some fixes and improvements it added also the new Courier Prime font.

And another update: Pinbook 1.3. This is a great update as the app now sports tag-browsing, improved editing and extended URL schemes. Now the app is super-useful for me as it makes it easier for me to clean-up and organize my bookmarks. Something that I have planned for a long time.

The Surface Pad, Twelve South’s new iPhone case is just about the one that I have been hoping to find one day. Unfortunately the shipping costs to here currently double the price. Guess I’ll wait a little to check if it comes to an Apple store.

So, that’s it for this week. Let’s see what comes up during the next one.

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