My current favourite Cross Platform Apps

December 19, 2013 ☼ appsArticle

The year is obviously about to come to an end and it is a good time to have a look at the apps that I am using on a regular basis. During the summer I switched (and not looked back) over to an Android phone which was already a good starting-point to re-think my choice the apps and services that I am daily. It was in fact fairly easy to set up and have both the Android phone, my iPad and the computer at home to play well together.

It helped that I, even before I switched to an Android phone, was always a bit careful with selecting tools and services in order to ensure as much interoperability between devices and operation systems. Nothing is more annoying than having a smart-something in the hand and not being able to get to the information that I want, simply because of interoperability issues.

After working with both OSs (iOS and Android) I have now a setup which allows me to work the way I want, wherever I want. Cool.

In case you are interested here’s the apps/tools I’m using:

And that’s it. Quite a few of these applications have a web-version as well, which comes in extra handy.

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