I Sure Was Wrong

March 26, 2014 ☼ Microblog

I do this over and over again, yet I never really draw any consequences off of that: I rage-quit. Easily and honestly too often. Simply put, I often find myself in the dumb mindset of a much younger me. Not sure is this something to be particular proud of. I’ll give you an example.

Once I wrote a piece in which I basically announced me leaving Twitter and essentially moved myself over to App.net. Not that this really matters for anyone else but me, or that anyone really cared, and for a while things were actually fine.

It had this fresh car smell. Over time though I little by little lost interest, my usage declined of ADN declined and my timeline was merely filled with generated IFTTT posts. I kept though checking-in on Twitter. Browsed my lists or kept tabs on what’s going on via Flipboard but stubbornly refused to post. Because you know, I left.

For a while I kept using Google+ yet always kept checking-in on Twitter. The long-trained daily routine had become too much of a habit. As with so many things that I started to sort out during the last few months (and simplify for that matter) I has become obvious, that I should admit that I might have been wrong.

The service obviously has been growing on me over the years, and it is actually one of my oldest accounts that I use, so I might as well stick around. My first Tweet: this is as profound as it can get:

Badly burning the food

— Sven (@SvenSeebeck) March 4, 2008

Do I like what is going on with Twitter? Nope. Did it affect me until now? Nope! Did anyone care? Doubt so. Am I any wiser now? Don’t think so either. Looking at my post, it is obvious that I kind of have foreseen this already. No surprise here.

Long story short, you might see me again more often on Twitter again, but let’s see how this will turn out. I really would like to use ADN a lot more but at the moment I check in mostly only once Riposte got an update. Then though I again enjoy the service. But let’s see how this all turns out a follow me wherever you want.

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