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May 22, 2014 ☼ Link

Yesterday the long awaited updated to OmniFocus was released, and while trying to pay for my copy I caught with some reading. In Shawn Blanc’s review I found something that somehow resembled the way I use the app myself:

I’ve got a lot of crap in OmniFocus, to be honest. Like I said, my GTD system is sloppy — I don’t keep my task-management software neat and tidy because I don’t care that much. I don’t have perfectly formatted lists with thought-through start and due dates, proper contexts, accurate time estimations, or anything else. And yes, I’ll admit that I don’t always start my tasks with a verb (call, ask, go to, pick up, fall over, etc.). Also, I’m very bad at regularly reviewing all my active projects.

Me and OmniFocus have had an on/off relationship for a couple of years now. It’s the application that I have used the longest and after every new or different experiment I came back to it. Like I did a few weeks ago after a short stint with Reminders and Clear again. I have been using the latest beta since it was made public a month or so ago, and it got me excited to use the whole suite of apps.

I’m not using it in a traditional GTD way (heck, I don’t think I really know how to do that anyway), but in my own way: as a tool to organise my tasks, notes and whatnot in projects and perspectives. I even use it for my practicing schedules. Most of the time I have the side- and toolbars hidden and simply navigate through my lists and perspectives using the newly introduced CMD+O, which makes it very natural to use and very simple to look at.

Talking about perspectives. I finally came around and started to use custom icons for mine and found on Twitter an nice set of icons (via: @OmniGroup).

For a full overview on what’s new in the app I recommend checking out the article on Shawn Blanc’s blog.

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